6 Ways a Private Investigator Can Help Win Your Case

6 Ways a Private Investigator Can Help Win Your Case

Private investigators (PIs) play a key role in a wide variety of civil cases.  Choosing a thorough and competent PI firm can result in discovery of facts that can make or break your case.  With the use of cutting edge technology, such as GPS trackers and aerial drones, it’s becoming harder to erase evidence of bad acts.  Here are 6 ways a private investigator can help win your case:

1) Proof of Adultery in an Alimony Case

In most circumstances, adultery is an absolute bar to alimony in North Carolina. Adultery may be proven by admissions; however in many cases, the aggrieved spouse’s only option is to prove adultery by other means.  Without an admission or “catching someone in the act” it is required that you prove adultery by showing that the offending spouse had both the opportunity and the inclination to engaged in sexual intercourse with an affair partner.  Proving opportunity requires catching your spouse alone with an affair partner unsupervised in a location where a sexual act could be presumed.  Inclination requires proof of feelings of affection or affectionate behavior between your spouse and a paramour.

A private investigator can conduct surveillance on your spouse to obtain video footage of their activities.  Along with video, the investigator usually prepares investigative reports detailing illicit activities which provides a clear and accurate picture of what happened and when.  If this evidence isn’t enough to compel your spouse to abandon their alimony claim, an investigator can appear in court and testify on your behalf to establish the adulterous affair.

2) Motions for Contempt

Do you have reason to believe someone is disobeying a court order?   Court orders can require people to stay away from certain locations, not have contact with certain individuals, or exercise supervised visits with their children.  These orders are issued for safety reasons. However, violations can be very difficult to prove if you aren’t following someone 24/7.

Surveillance can be very useful to prove violations of court orders. Evidence obtained by a PI may be used by you or your attorney to prove contempt.   Investigators can also use GPS tracking devices in certain scenarios to track an individual’s location.  This information can be invaluable and can save you fees since an actual investigator is not required to conduct surveillance at all times.

How Private Investigators can win your case

3) Undercover Investigations

Undercover investigations can be used in a wide variety of areas in order to discover the true extent of an issue.  Investigators can be used to conduct internal investigations within corporations in attempts to discover: drug and alcohol abuse, dishonesty, fraud, embezzlement, sabotage, safety violations, breaches of non-compete clauses, espionage, harassment and many other matters.

4) Electronic Forensics

Most people use computers, cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices are used for the majority of their communications.  While it’s convenient, a digital trail is left behind on these devices which can be obtained by the opposing party in many types of civil and criminal cases.  Private investigators can use electronic forensics to image electronic devices, gaining access to information such as search history, GPS data, document retrieval, and images.  In many cases, private investigators can discovery deleted files and spoliation attempts by the device user.  Forensics can make or break your case and using it requires a trained professional in order for the evidence to be admissible in court.

5) Background Checks

Background checks are useful in many types of cases ranging from personal injury cases, to day-to-day business operations, to domestic cases.   Many people wonder about the background of caretakers, the significant others of ex-spouses, employees, and opposing parties in civil suits.  Private investigators are often able to glean information about backgrounds from many sources, including but not limited to:

  • Cell phone numbers
  • Utility accounts
  • P.O. Boxes
  • Places of employment

Investigators can also pull statewide and comprehensive multi-state criminal records.

6) Service of Process

In many civil cases locating the opposing party to serve them with notice of a lawsuit can be difficult and time consuming.  If you don’t know someone’s location, private investigators can use background check tools to locate a person and then personally serve them with notice of your lawsuit.

Whether you’re a pro-se litigant, an attorney, or an executive at a corporation seeking assistance with obtaining evidence to strengthen your case or solve a problem, use of private investigators can turn the tide.   Visit our website to learn more about Cat’s Eye Private Investigations and how we can help you gain control of your matter.

– Cat’s Eye Private Investigations is a licensed, bonded and insured agency providing a wealth of private investigative services.  Their investigators are full-time professionals who are trained in the rules and regulations concerning privacy and permissible activity.  They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  To find out more about Cat’s Eye, visit their website.

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