About Bonnie Thompson

Bonnie Thompsonis a solo attorney and has been licensed to practice law in North Carolina since 2013. She enjoys legal writing and research and currently focuses these talents by contracting remote legal services to North Carolina law firms. Her background is in domestic violence victim advocacy. Before transitioning her practice, she represented clients in family and child welfare matters for almost three years.

What You Need to Know About Consultation Fees in North Carolina

The expense involved in hiring an attorney is one of the biggest stressors for clients.  It is not uncommon for clients to call several law firms to ask about the attorney’s initial consultation fee before making an appointment.  While there is no universal rule regarding consultation fees, below are some factors to consider the next […]

5 Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney

Clients usually know to ask about an attorney’s years of experience and practice in the area of law in which the client needs help.  They also know to ask the attorney about his or her fee structure.  But below are five questions clients typically do not know to ask an attorney in a consultation.  The […]

Does My Business Need to Create an Accessible Website for Disabled Individuals?

Over the years, an increasing number of plaintiff lawsuits have been filed regarding the accessibility of websites to those with disabilities.  While a handful of appellate courts from various jurisdictions have considered the matter, the decisions have been split.  North Carolina appellate courts have not yet had the chance to weigh in but that could […]

Civil Separations: Part 3 – Collaborative Divorce

Rounding out our series on separating civilly, the relatively new process called collaborative divorce has firmly established itself as a viable option for couples looking to separate without the nasty contentiousness of litigation. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial and private process by which couples can […]

Civil Separations: Part 2 – Questions to Consider

As we discussed in Part 1 of this series, in a separation, if both spouses are willing to work together honestly to reach a resolution, it can be economical to discuss and agree on terms before seeking an attorney to draft a written agreement.  An attorney should be sought to review the terms, provide advice […]