What You Need to Know About Consultation Fees in North Carolina

The expense involved in hiring an attorney is one of the biggest stressors for clients.  It is not uncommon for clients to call several law firms to ask about the attorney’s initial consultation fee before making an appointment.  While there is no universal rule regarding consultation fees, below are some factors to consider the next […]

All You Need to Know About Starting a Business

A Complete Guide to Starting a Business Turning an idea or passion into a business is an exciting endeavor.   In the formative stages, you must make many decisions that can prove costly down the road without careful planning.  What type of corporate structure should you choose?  Do you need insurance?  How do you conduct day […]

5 Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney

Clients usually know to ask about an attorney’s years of experience and practice in the area of law in which the client needs help.  They also know to ask the attorney about his or her fee structure.  But below are five questions clients typically do not know to ask an attorney in a consultation.  The […]

Does My Business Need to Create an Accessible Website for Disabled Individuals?

Over the years, an increasing number of plaintiff lawsuits have been filed regarding the accessibility of websites to those with disabilities.  While a handful of appellate courts from various jurisdictions have considered the matter, the decisions have been split.  North Carolina appellate courts have not yet had the chance to weigh in but that could […]

How to Protect and Market Your Music and Creative Works with Patrick Douthit aka 9th Wonder

Are you a producer looking to sell or license the use of your music?  Are you a writer or songwriter looking to publish or license the use of your creative works?  Have you been approached about an acting role in a play or movie?  If any of these scenarios apply to you, having a basic […]

6 Ways a Private Investigator Can Help Win Your Case

Private investigators (PIs) play a key role in a wide variety of civil cases.  Choosing a thorough and competent PI firm can result in discovery of facts that can make or break your case.  With the use of cutting edge technology, such as GPS trackers and aerial drones, it’s becoming harder to erase evidence of […]