What You Need to Know About Consultation Fees in North Carolina

The expense involved in hiring an attorney is one of the biggest stressors for clients.  It is not uncommon for clients to call several law firms to ask about the attorney’s initial consultation fee before making an appointment.  While there is no universal rule regarding consultation fees, below are some factors to consider the next […]

5 Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney

Clients usually know to ask about an attorney’s years of experience and practice in the area of law in which the client needs help.  They also know to ask the attorney about his or her fee structure.  But below are five questions clients typically do not know to ask an attorney in a consultation.  The […]

Local Rules: What They Are, How to Find Them, and Why You Need to Know Them

If you’ve ever appeared pro se in a family court matter, chances are you’ve heard either opposing counsel or the Judge mention the “local rules” and how they apply to your case.  An unfortunate few may have been subject to civil penalties for violating a county’s local rules.  Despite the impact a lack of familiarity […]