Open Bar: Deals on Products and Services for Attorneys

Find Deals on Products and Services for Attorneys The Open Bar is for attorneys looking for recommendations on products and services to streamline your practice and improve your online presence.  We’ve established relationships with leading tech companies that provide services and products to attorneys and law firms in order to provide you with great deals […]

All You Need to Know About Starting a Business

A Complete Guide to Starting a Business Turning an idea or passion into a business is an exciting endeavor.   In the formative stages, you must make many decisions that can prove costly down the road without careful planning.  What type of corporate structure should you choose?  Do you need insurance?  How do you conduct day […]

What You Must Know to Market Your Firm Online

Settling on a Strategy to Market Your Firm Online If you’re a small firm or solo practitioner trying to sort out your online marketing strategy this article is for you.  Attorneys must sort through empty promises, long-term commitments, and a barrage of unfamiliar terminology when dealing with online marketing firms.  After months of waiting for […]