Open Bar Deals of the Week: 8/28/17

In case you’ve missed it, we recently launched our Open Bar a legal marketplace that focuses on deals for attorneys and law firms on products and services for your practice.  We’ve established affiliate relationships and partnerships with companies including G-Suite, Amazon, 99designs, Bluehost, and PRACTICEPANTHER to offer you promotions on law practice essentials, technology, and […]

Open Bar: Deals on Products and Services for Attorneys

Find Deals on Products and Services for Attorneys The Open Bar is for attorneys looking for recommendations on products and services to streamline your practice and improve your online presence.  We’ve established relationships with leading tech companies that provide services and products to attorneys and law firms in order to provide you with great deals […]

Visit Us on Spokehub to Find Attorneys and Submit Your Legal Questions

Spokehub is a new social media platform focused on live chat regarding trending topics or areas of interest.  “Hubsters” can create public or private chat rooms (i.e., “hubs”) focused on a trending topic, send private messages, and customize notifications allowing endless options to tailor the Spokehub experience to their comfort level.  Unlike popular social media […]