Your Agreement to Arbitrate May Not Be Enforceable

The medical profession and their insurance companies, prefer the process of arbitration to resolve disputes rather than the normal litigation process.  Arbitration is an alternative to regular litigation as it is often cheaper and is usually confidential.  It has become a common practice to slip an agreement to arbitrate into the paperwork a patient signs […]

5 Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney

Clients usually know to ask about an attorney’s years of experience and practice in the area of law in which the client needs help.  They also know to ask the attorney about his or her fee structure.  But below are five questions clients typically do not know to ask an attorney in a consultation.  The […]

10 Keys to Representing Yourself or Getting an Attorney with No Money Upfront

Let’s face it, attorneys can be expensive and depending on your situation, you may not have the money available to pay a retainer.  However, sometimes your legal issues can’t wait for your financial situation to improve.  Knowing where to go for help in representing yourself is the first step towards fighting your own battles.  Our […]

6 Ways a Private Investigator Can Help Win Your Case

Private investigators (PIs) play a key role in a wide variety of civil cases.  Choosing a thorough and competent PI firm can result in discovery of facts that can make or break your case.  With the use of cutting edge technology, such as GPS trackers and aerial drones, it’s becoming harder to erase evidence of […]

Recorded Statements: A Common Workers’ Comp Pitfall

There can be many pitfalls for unrepresented injured workers along the path of a workers’ compensation claim. The first potential pitfall that an injured worker can encounter is when the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company wants to conduct a recorded statement. The workers’ compensation insurance company will use a recorded statement in part to determine […]