Content Marketing for Attorneys: Blogs, Commentary Marketing & Social Media Campaigns

Content Marketing for Attorneys: Blogs, Commentary Marketing & Social Media Campaigns

Using content to attract new business online is now an essential part of every major company’s marketing strategy and as an attorney, it should be part of yours too. To use content marketing effectively you need the BIG 4:

  1. A website with information about you, your practice and procedures to hire you.
  2. A Blog
  3. A Commentary Marketing Plan
  4. Consistent Posts on Social Media

You should already have the website (it’s 2017!) so let’s move on to the blog. How to use your blog effectively:

Keep in mind that every time you post a blog article, it’s another indexed page on your website. Choose each topic by answering a question that your potential client would type into a search engine. Make sure your blog site carries your brand throughout and also has a clear CTA (call-to-action). That can be a subscribe button, an arrow pointing to your phone number that says “Call Now” or a contact form. Each page of your blog should instruct the reader on the best way to connect with you for more information.

Remember that you may not see immediate results from your blog post but it is now an indexed page on your website that can drive organic traffic. One blog post on the right topic can bring you leads for years to come.

What if you do not have time to write and publish blog articles? That’s where a great commentary marketing solution comes into play. Commentary marketing consists of choosing a topic, curating a few excerpts from other articles (with links back to the source) and then adding your own commentary. Simply selecting the right excerpts, known as content curation, shows your own thought leadership much like a curator of a museum. Adding your own commentary (which can simply be a sentence or two) helps readers get to know you and gives them a glimpse of the type of legal advice you can provide.

Commentary Marketing helps to increase your value and separate you from your competition by:

Giving You a Platform to Demonstrate Your Expertise

Setting up a collection of commentary on articles related to your business, especially when you select a particular niche within your field, builds a platform for potential customers to view your business and you yourself through your insightful comments on topics.

Helping with Productivity

It take a tremendous amount of time to write thoughtful articles, add eye-catching graphics, and optimize the articles for search engines. The process of curation and commentary is much simpler, yet just as effective, and frees up your time for your income-producing tasks.

Making you an Influencer and Thought Leader in your Field

As your list of accumulated commentary builds, you give your customers and others in your industry a compilation of information that is easy to absorb and showcases you as a thought leader. The rich key words and links to your homepage help you show up higher in organic searches.

Keeping you Educated and Up-to-Date

By reading and curating the articles you combine your education with your marketing efforts.

Increasing your Leads and Referrals

By using these landing pages as sources to promote on social media, you now have a consistent, engaging and informative social media campaign designed to keep you and your business top of mind. This will exponentially increase your online engagements and allow you the opportunity to communicate with leads on the communication channel they prefer and start the sales process immediately.

Bringing in More Revenue

This is the ultimate goal of most business owners. We know content marketing in general leads to higher revenue because it attracts customers, gives them enough information to develop a trust with your brand, and keeps them engaged. Commentary marketing is a streamlined, more affordable method of content marketing designed for those who either lack the time, budget or graphic design skills to create original content.

A Raleigh, NC company founded by a Wake County attorney,, built a platform designed to help attorneys with the process of commentary marketing. By subscribing to Scroll, an attorney receives a pipeline of weekly posts professionally designed with images and keyword optimization that is ready to simply click to add commentary.

Now with all these new pages of blog articles and/or commentary marketing articles, you are ready to exponentially increase your online exposure with a consistent social media campaign.

Many attorneys forget the importance of consistent online sharing as it relates to staying top of mind for referrals, showcasing thought leadership and leading to online engagements that can be converted into paying clients. 

“For many legal professionals, internet marketing is a key element in their strategy to generate new business…. Most importantly, don’t just leave the marketing efforts to Google. A simple “set it and forget it” approach to internet marketing is likely to leave significant opportunities on the table, and result in marketing spend that ends up being partially wasted on unqualified customer leads and on non-sales leads,” encourages Michael McDonald, Phd

To avoid the ‘set it and forget it’ mentality, a social media strategy is the key. That begs the questions, how often should you post?

“If you’re in the legal industry and you’re not using social media 2-3 times a week to share content about your industry or business[practice area], consider doing so. As I mentioned above, you may already have marketing channels (like email) that’s bringing in revenue for your business. Try and figure out how you can repurpose that content to share on social networks. If you are already doing so, keep in mind that images, no matter what the topic, could catch more clicks than what you’re getting now, so the effort to create them will be well worth it, especially if those clicks lead to paying clients,” suggests Maggie Hilba.

Scroll also offers social media campaigns for specific practice areas.  The posts and  commentary marketing articles are created and scheduled for you. The email-for-approval system ensures that you stay in complete control of the content and the frequency. Learn more here.



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Marlet Edwards is an attorney and founder of a Raleigh, NC company. has built a platform designed to help attorneys with the process of commentary marketing and blogging.