Hear from Attorneys – Submit Your Legal Issue with Attorney Match

Hear from Attorneys – Submit Your Legal Issue with Attorney Match

Have you ever called an attorney or filled out a contact form on an attorneys website and waited days for a response?  What about the attorney your friend referred you to who was too busy to take your case?  Are you unsure about whether the fee you’re being quoted is the best deal you can get for quality representation?  Not sure about what type of attorney you need for your legal matter or whether you even have a valid claim?  Let us evaluate your claim for you using Attorney Match.

Our new Attorney Match service seeks to serve people looking for attorneys looking to avoid the time and hassle of searching and comparing attorneys.  Attorney response times can vary based on a number of factors including attorney court appearances, workload, and obligations to other clients.   Despite these legitimate reasons, many times your case can’t wait.  Using Attorney Match, you’ll get prompt responses from up to five experienced attorneys ready to assist you.

Attorney Match also provides you with a price shopping mechanism.  Attorney fees and billing structure vary between firms.  Some attorneys take an initial retainer and bill against it hourly at rates ranging by hundreds of dollars per hour depending on your location.  Other lawyers handle cases for a flat fee, which also varies significantly based on your matter.  If you only speak with one attorney it can be difficult to gauge whether there fee is in line with your local market.   Using Attorney Match will put you in touch with multiple attorneys with whom you can negotiate a rate that works for you.

Submitting your question or issue with Attorney Match is confidential and easy.  After you submit your information, we will review your submission, contact you for any clarifications and forward it to attorneys who focus in your needed practice area.  Prorolo representatives are attorneys who are uniquely qualified to evaluate your claim and route it to the type of attorney you need.  You’ll receive correspondence via email or phone from attorneys ready to represent you.  You can compare the attorneys who contact you and schedule to meet with or retain whichever professional you feel is best equipped to handle your matter.

There is no obligation to submit your issue or question.  Many times your matter can be resolved without hiring an attorney.  Questions submitted are frequently used to feed the Prorolo “Hear From Pros” blog, which provides detailed analysis of common legal questions.  If you need an attorney or have questions in North Carolina, Prorolo provides multiple options to find legal help.

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