Options in Disposal of Traffic Tickets in Wake County, NC

Options in Disposal of Traffic Tickets in Wake County, NC

If you’ve been charged with Driving While License revoked, speeding or speeding in a school zone, Wake County has implemented policies that offer new resolution options in the following cases:

Dismiss DWLR (Class 3 Misdemeanor)

You MAY be able to get this violation dismissed IF:

  • Your license was revoked solely for failure to appear (FTA) in court or nonpayment of a citation
  • Your license was revoked because of FTA on, or non-payment of, no more 2 citations (that is, if your license is revoked for failure to pay/appear on 3 or more citations, you are technically ineligible).
  • You do not have a prior conviction for driving while license revoked
  • Your license has been reinstated
  • You are “genuinely trying to come into compliance”

Reduce Some Speeding Tickets to Improper Equipment Tickets

You MAY be able to reduce your speeding ticket to an “improper equipment” ticket IF:

  • You provide a certified driving record
  • You haven’t had more than one other moving violation in the past three years (and no more than three moving violations in 10 years)
  • You complete a four-hour driving course if you’re under 21
  • You weren’t cited for driving more than 85 mph or more than 20 mph over the limit (work zones and school zones disqualify you)
  • You did not previously reduce a speeding ticket to improper equipment in the past three years
  • You pay applicable costs, fees, and fines
  • You resolve your case in “disposition court” (courtroom 101) by your third court date. (Note if your speeding case has already been continued for more than three court dates, or you case has already been moved out of disposition court, we can still help eligible drivers get their tickets reduced if we are contacted before June 23, 2015)

Tickets for Speeding in School Zones

You MAY be able to receive a PJC (prayer for judgment continued) on your speeding in a school zone case IF:

  • You weren’t going more than 15 mph above the school zone speed limit
  • You have no other traffic violations in the past three years
  • You have never been charged with speeding in a school zone before (this is your first school zone offense)
  • You complete community service as directed by the judge or magistrate

Previously in Wake County, the State would not consent to a PJC in any school zone speeding case. Under the new policy, the State will consent to a PJC if the requirements above are satisfied. This means that your case can be resolved faster and more favorably. Speeding in a school zone carries 3 DMV points and 1 insurance point (typically resulting in a 30% increase in insurance costs). With a PJC, DMV and insurance points are avoided completely.

Source: Roberts Law Group https://www.robertslawteam.com/blog/2015/06/dont-you-love-it-when-it-gets-easier-to-get-out-of-traffic-tickets.shtml

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