Visit Us on Spokehub to Find Attorneys and Submit Your Legal Questions

Visit Us on Spokehub to Find Attorneys and Submit Your Legal Questions

Spokehub is a new social media platform focused on live chat regarding trending topics or areas of interest.  “Hubsters” can create public or private chat rooms (i.e., “hubs”) focused on a trending topic, send private messages, and customize notifications allowing endless options to tailor the Spokehub experience to their comfort level.  Unlike popular social media platforms, interactions are true topic-focused live conversations, which eliminates the need to sift through endless pages of content with minimal to no value.

As Spokehub grows, it is an ideal platform for businesses, celebrities, and personalities to directly interface with customers and fans.  Ask-Me-Anything posts are extremely popular on sites such as, however, the technology behind Spokehub allows for celebrity/fan exchanges to take place in real-time over live chat.  Businesses can use Spokehub to target specific groups of customers.

Prorolo has recently partnered with Spokehub to offer a unique experience for potential clients.  Visit our newly created hub #prorolo-attorneymatch-nc for guidance with your legal matter, whether you’re seeking to do-it-yourself or searching for an attorney.  Send us a private message @prorolo for confidential inquiries.

Join us on Spokehub by downloading the app for iPhone, Android or via your preferred desktop browser.

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